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Default Re: Luke Cage & Iron Fist - HEROES FOR HIRE movie thread

Searched for an Iron Fist movie related thread, of which there are a few, and saw this, which is more appropriate anyways for what I wanted to discuss.

Now that we're going to get Luke Cage and Iron Fist shows on Netflix, what are your thoughts?

Disappointed that we wont get movies?

After collecting and following the entire run of the Immortal Iron Fist by Brubaker I'm a bit heartbroken. I'll never see the mystic city of K'un-Lun in it's full glory, probably never see the Immortal Weapons, probably never see Danny face off against a dragon... Not sure what Netflix budget will be for the 13 episodes, surely better than Agents of SHIELD, but it'll doubtless be focused on him kicking ass in the city.

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