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Funny story about me and Bane's voice.

I was an extra an Heinz Field. We did take after take of running around panicked after the detonation, only to be stopped by the mercenaries flooding each section. Finally we were directed to land in a position and look confused/terrified by the bad guy, someone we've never seen before. My buddy and I are all pumped cause we know that means Bane is coming out. We're then told, "We know this is really exciting but please DO NOT cheer and DO NOT smile because that can ruin a take."

So we do the take again, land in our spots and out walks Hardy's Bane with that now famous swagger. I'm geeking out so hard but trying to keep myself composed and "in character". Then he speaks for the first time, which we weren't expecting. My buddy and I look at each other and we're both thinking the same thing: he sounds exactly like a Mad Scientist character in a short film we made in college. I start cracking up right then and there. From then on I had to wear one of the yellow bandanas around my mouth for each take because I didn't trust myself not to keep cracking up. Then they did started doing takes where they executed Pavel without telling us, which was pretty got more of a real reaction out of everyone. Unrelated but cool.

Anyway, after the shoot my buddy and I were discussing Bane's "Mad Scientist" voice and how everyone on the internet was going to freak out when it leaks. The more we talked about it, the more it grew on us because we realized it was better not to have Bane sound like you might expect- a brute, a savage, beast of a man, etc. Left of center was probably a good thing and meant that they had an interpretation of the character. We agreed to wait and see.

Fast forward to the prologue and I LOVED the voice. I did miss a few lines the first time I saw it, but it didn't bother me (honestly there are lines in EVERY Nolan movie that I's an inevitable casualty of fast editing and a sound effects/score heavy mix). But I loved the tone of the voice. It sounded different when he was speaking directly to someone he was targeting vs. orating to a crowd, which made sense. When I saw the movie I was pretty gutted that they changed the prologue voice. It actually took me out of the movie. Thankfully by the time we got to the "Why are you here?" scene I was back on board and I haven't looked back since.

Also, congrats to Bale on his nomination! Though I do kind of hope Leo wins it this year since Bale's already go an Oscar on his shelf. But still, I thought Bale was tremendous in American Hustle.

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