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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by BH/HHH View Post
So are you saying you do see it as a continuation if the character but one thats beeb through some **** in between films?

Because I can't agree with that, she's so different. Margot Kidders Lane was always very friendly toward Clark and was always trying to help him but she didn't really dismiss him or completely ignore him like Bosworth's Lane did.
Of course SR had its differences with STM and SII (actors, tone, visuals, etc) and Bostworth wasn't replicating Kidder's Lois the way Routh did with reeve's roles. But when lois has poassed through Superman leaving, her relationship with Richard, Jason and five years of Clark's absence, this is where her character goes.

I saw her being quite friendly to Clark when she first said hello to Clark and introduced him to her boyfriend/husband-to-never-be Richard and Jason. But Clark wasn't nearly the most important person in her life and time had gone through. And I also assume Clark didn't say good-bye to Lois either, so why would she still feel so close to this guy?

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