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Default Re: The Design & Origin of ULTRON

Just my thoughts that Pym will be tied to it in some way, perhaps through an old SHIELD initiative at the outset, and tied into and developed present day through Stark's tech and perhaps Thor's Destroyer, maybe even vibranium tie in to lay the lead in for the Black Panther. Likely this would originate as a need for stronger backup in numbers for the team as the New York invasion showed mass army level threats from space.

Remember there are subtle little bread crumbs connecting all the characters, for instance Iron Man's little power source seemed to be a variation of the tessaract and Loki's stick didn't work to take him over like it did with Hawkeye. Following that line of thinking Pym could have initiated the work in some fashion, but the tech to complete it doesn't come along until Iron Man and Thor, and perhaps Black Panther (remember Thor's hammer striking Cap's shield and that subtle mention of the rare metal used to make it), enter the picture. I've not quite figured out how Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver play in but I suspect the Scarlet Witch may hold the key to defeating Ultron which plays to an entrance by Vision in a later film somewhere.

I do fear that with an old Pym we will be unlikely to get a good Wasp intro as I would have liked, but they could make up for it by throwing in Katee Sackhoff as Carol Danvers properly, and setting the stage properly for the introduction of the Vision. I have faith in Whedon because he has done well so far and OMG mad kudos on Spader for Ultron...perfect.....if you haven't seen his work on The Blacklist you should check it out...that voice and mannerisms he uses for that character...I'm sure he may tweak it a little bit, but he won't have to go far cause it is so Ultron like, though maybe without any screeching.

I also suspect there could be some unforeseen angle with AIM/Hydra since Agent's of Shield seems to have been regulated on the use of either of those as their main protagonist which would have seemed logical. Maybe Super Adaptoid someday as a main Avenger's villain? Might be hard to pull off visually but a fanboy could hope.

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