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Default Re: Write-A-Scene for the Superman/Batman movie

So this isn't an actual fan-scene but my thoughts on the film. I think this movie should basically be Catching Fire starring superheroes. In that (brilliant) movie, Katniss becomes a beacon of hope for the Districts and it's decided by the authorities that she must be killed. Swap Katniss for Superman, and President Snow for Lex Luthor, and you've got my idea for World's Finest.

-It's been two years since the Battle of Metropolis. Lexcorp and Wayne Enterprises have joined forces to rebuild the city, with half of it reduced to a slums-esque state. Lexcorp is everywhere. Manufacturing weapons and drones for the army, a whole range of satellites and remote drones patrolling the skies/space for alien activity, building high-tech research facilities for the government and, in secret, mining the planet for long forgotten alien minerals...

-At the centre of all this is Luthor; the poster boy of Planet Earth. This guy is a ****ing *******, right to the core. His beliefs are that "everybody is a bad guy," they just hide it with fake normality to conform to society. As a result of this, Lex is the ultimate product of society, playing up his charitable donations and good intentions so that he has the human race in the palm of his hand.

-The main theme of the movie would be hope, and it's essentially a social commentary on the world today and how we need a Superman to save us. All across the globe, people are rising up, using the 'S' icon as a symbol for their acts, and some are even becoming superheroes themselves - these are of course the Justice League, and will be hinted and teased at throughout the movie. Lex Luthor despises Superman so much because as far as he's concerned, he created hope, to further his public image. In secret, he's been orchestrating terrorist attacks for a very long time and then publicly giving money to help the victims. For years Lex has been creating a false sense of hope and security for people to believe in when actually he is behind everything. In short, he's a bastard. Superman has come in and in one instant people are looking to him for guidance. The guy who saved the planet from aliens. Lex could never do that, and that just fuels his hatred and jealousy of Superman. However at the same time this is the perfect opportunity: kill Superman and the public return to him. This is Luthor's motivation that will drive this and future movies.

-Batman is an urban legend. There's a scene where Lois tells Clark about all the "heroes" rising up because of him, and he says that he wasn't the first. He'd heard stories of a man who dressed up as a bat in Gotham City while he travelled the world, but now there are barely any sightings. This iteration of the character is reclusive, mostly hiding in the Batcave and watching the events of the city unfold via his many computer screens. Bruce Wayne, however, is a complete and utter socialite; parties, booze, hookers, you name it. Of course this is all just an act to avoid suspicion. Bruce is fueled by paranoia, and is naturally keeping tabs on Superman, Lex and other future JL members, and is just one CCTV footage copy away from deducing Supes' secret identity.

-In their conversation, Clark describes Batman as "Sherlock Holmes in tights". You go to him with a crime that needs solving and he'll do it. Lex tracks down Batman and tasks him with taking down Superman, to which he refuses because he doesn't kill. Infuriated, Lex threatens Bats, but he takes Luthor down easily, forcing him to consult other means. However, this intrigues Bruce; publicly, he and Lex are business partners and friends, but this encounter proves to him everything he needs to know.

-Wonder Woman will not be seen in costume. The earliest reports of her appearance in the movie said that she would be Bruce's love interest, and she is - but she's undercover as his secretary, positioning herself as a liaison between Lexcorp and Wayne Enterprises to gain information and report back to Themyscira. I haven't really worked out how she'll figure into the plot.

-Clark's character arc in the movie involves trying to become this "beacon of hope" that Superman apparently is, and the guilt of knowing that he murdered Zod. We'll see him slowly transition into the character we love from the comics, because he's only just started out in the DCCU, and he'll learn that he can't always fix everything.

-Anyway I haven't really figured out the rest but Bats and Supes will meet, they'll fight, there'll be Kryptonite, Batman will beat Superman with that, they team up to defeat the common enemy etc etc, textbook stuff. There's been some reports that Doomsday will be in this film, and he'll be Lex's secret weapon. He crashed on Earth thousands of years ago, and Lex has spent the past year training Doomsday and genetically modifying it so that it's goal is to kill Superman. There's also been some reports that the movie will end on a cliffhanger and lead into Justice League in 2016. My idea is that Doomsday either kills or fatally wounds + imprisons Clark, leading to Lex succeeding. Batman has been keeping tabs on all these "heroes" popping up - a guy who can make stuff appear with his mind, some dude with superspeed, a warrior princess... The plot of Justice League would be Batman assembling his team of heroes to free Superman and take down Lex + Doomsday. The last scene of the first film would be Bruce looking up at his monitors as we see different superheroes - Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman etc - on each screen, and promptly making fans and audience everywhere squeal with delight.

These are just my thoughts and theories and probably a lot of this won't actually be in the movie, but hopefully I got some stuff right!

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