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Default Re: Superman Returns - Extended Cut

I've just watched the Superman Restored Cut and I think its definitely a more improved cut than the one we saw in cinemas or on TV, Blu Ray, etc. Now don't get me wrong it isn't perfect, there are one of two moments where his editing was a little off but nothing major. From a personal stand point I wanted the deleted scene where Lex and co are heading to the Fortress adding in but the editor obviously didn't feel it was needed. Bosworth still grates on me (although thankfully a little more than less with some nice editing), the kid aspect is obviously still there and the ending is still bloated but some problems cannot be fixed by simply re-editing. However, he did re-edit many things and to great effect:

Adding in the Return to Krypton Sequence, more Smallville portions of the film (i.e. restoring Ben Hubbard's scenes and Clark burying the ship) and adding the voice over conversation between Clark and Martha over the flying scene (in place of the Jor El speech) go a long way in making this feel more like Clark's film. I felt the theatrical cut really made it seem like Lois Lane/Lex Luthor Returns featuring Superman but not in this version.

Another note on adding in Clark's conversation with Martha VO really harkens back to Superman the Movie where his Father (Glen Ford) is telling him he was sent here for a reason, especially with the similar imagery of Superman flying towards the clouds. I loved that about it.

I think omitting the Brando dialogue was clever in certain scenes, as other than Superman the Movie fans I can imagine people wouldn't understand why it was there.

I think what this guy did best with his cut of Superman Returns though was simply in re-editing. He makes scenes fly by (no pun intended) with the way he cuts them. No longer do certain scenes seem slow and laboured but thrilling and fun, this is most notable in the way he cut the museum robbery in with Kitty's car trouble.

To be honest I think this cut makes Singer look worse as a director, he didn't seem to know how to edit his film to better the pacing. Here some guy off the street whose come in and re-edited it. Turning it from an average film to a decent film. If there is one thing this edit proved its that simply re-adding the scenes won't make the film any better but doing that along with some re-editing (to make the pacing better) would. I will definitely re-visit this from time to time and had this version been what was released I'd definitely give it a 7.5-8/10.

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