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Default Re: Rank the transformers movies

Transformers Prime: Darkness Rising- 8.7/10

Best Transformers film ever, even if it was D2DVD. Great action, characters, story and it develops the humans without pushing away the Cybertronians.

Transformers: The Movie- 6/10

An alright movie, but with shoddy animation and too many characters, so they didn't get much developent.

Bayformers- 5/10

An undeniably bad movie,but it has a coherent plot. The characters are not developed, especially all Cybertronians who aren't Bee or Optimus. Villains only show up to get killed.

Bayformers: Revenge of the Fallen- 1.5/10

Worst adaptation of Transformers ever, the worst film I've ever seen after Disaster Movie. It has no plot, just "Pew, pew pew, kabloom!" barely any character development. Everything wrong with the first film is exemplified in this one.

Bayformers: Dark of the Moon- 4/10

Not as bad as DOTM, but still a very bad movie. Like the first film it doesn't have good characters, the story isn't as great, ad it relies too much on mindless action.

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