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Default Re: All Hail the King

Originally Posted by A Necessary Evil View Post
Well as much as I hate the "ALDRICH ISN'T THE MANDARIN LOL" crap that goes on here, the ten rings could be formed from a mythological/terrorist threat, imo, from one line in IM1:

something something something "the man whose ring I wear."

So there could have been some sort of A Mandarin threat in the past feat the 10 Rings, but Aldrich is THE Mandarin. As much as I adore IM3, they should yolo'd it and made Aldrich the man behind everything since IM1.
Personally, it kind of annoys me that they didn't take that approach when it would've fit the events of IM1 & 2, and wouldn't have contradicted what they were trying to do in IM3.

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