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Default Re: Batman/Superman Pushed Back to 2016 - Part 1

At this point whether Terrio is or isn't involved really doesn't make a difference to me. Its hard to spin the delay positively. I know there are people who dont want to hear that , but given WB's track record, im beginning to doubt that this thing, or at least WB's original vision of this thing, is gonna end up getting off the ground. Its not about bashing WB or DC or any other sort of fanboy nonsense arguments .

Its based on their track record minus Nolan inc with these projects. They're a film studio who's focus isn't exclusively exploiting DC properties , so alot of parts come into play. I do think talking about any sort of DCU on film now is premature and a bit laughable given this new delay.

I guess at this point , I'm curious as to what the landscape will be in 2016, assuming they get their act together.

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