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Default Re: Batman/Superman Pushed Back to 2016 - Part 1

Originally Posted by Bullseye1 View Post
I don't see how this can be spun positively in any way. It's a total mess. It's quite obvious that there is no one with a clear vision setting out how they want the DC universe to progress.

This movie was due to begin shooting and they have now only discovered the script is subpar. Quite astonishing. One year is plenty of time to shoot and finish post production.

WB/DC need a leader and one fast or there will never be a JL.

Have WB even committed to anything beyond this movie? Where does this leave JL? 2017? 2018?
I never agree or believe that jett character but for this one quote from his recent post.

..and right on cue – some fans flipped out with cries of “I knew teh movie was going to suck...”

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