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Default Re: All Hail the King

Originally Posted by Orphix View Post
The thing I picked up on when Drew Pearce was talking about the 10 Rings is that it is an ancient organisation. So just how old?? Who has led it in the past? What has it been up to in years gone by? Are any of the previous still alive? Does it have any current leaders??

The Mandarin may be a modern construct but the organisation itself isn't - which opens the possibilities for all sorts of stuff.
Just for fun, I was messing around with some Renaissance paintings in Photoshop (actually, the Gimp) today, and I ended up making this picture. I had to share it somewhere, and I think it may answer some of these questions about how old the Ten Rings are... (sliding time scale, you know?)

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Ironman and the Dragon

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