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Default Re: Batman/Superman Pushed Back to 2016 - Part 1

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
It's amazing on how the announcement of this film's release date being pushed back has brought out the worst in discussion topics.

Seriously, I don't even remember it being that bad when MOS was announced to be released a year later than intended.
Well you basically have both sides of the issue, as usual ,being either overly optimistic or paralysis level end of the world about the news. Neither side wants to here what the other has to say because it goes against their own beliefs about the project. Going to extremes is kinda the fanboy way, and i've actually seen worse compared to other issues.

I think Campa of AMC movie talk kinda gave the position on this that most resembles my feelings about it: The news aint good, and it kinda highlights WB's troubles with the project, but I'll still look forward to seeing it, assuming it ends happening afterall.

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