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Default Re: Batman/Superman Pushed Back to 2016 - Part 1

Originally Posted by Charlatan View Post
So what if "WB" has to focus on other properties? All "WB" has to do is greenlight and bankroll. The actual movie making is left up to the team. What they need to do is hire someone to lead the DC films division and give him ultimate authority. WB isn't thinking ahead. They aren't planning out 6 to 10 yrs for these properties. They have no vision and no commitment to these properties.
Yeah, because spending however much money it would take to create a new subdivision within WB, after recently re-absorbing New Line Cinema (because they are going more centralised as a studio) and then paying out $600 million a year to keep up with Marvel Studios.

Not to mention, Dune Entertainment is co-financing these flicks to, so they too would have theoretical creative say (whether they choose to wield it is to their discretion).

As well as financing original properties and adaptations.

Yep, easy job. God, they're such morons.

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