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Default Re: The X-FORCE Official Thread

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
Been ready for dates since they announced the Deadpool film. Still waiting

I don't expect anything till DOFP returns are in. But Fox needs to get more confident here in their other X properties. If we don't hear anything on either Deadpool or X-Force through the year that's gonna be very disappointing. I want to like this new Fox universe they are setting up, but just having Kinberg merging F4 and X-Men in an effort to be "More like Marvel" is not gonna do it for me when they could be brining us more X-Men ventures and expanding that world.

So far so good though on their main properties. The Wolverine was great, keeping Mangold is brilliant and I'm fairly sure DOFP will be solid. But lets see a bit of effort for a new property.

If I recall correctly, Starjammers and Alpha Flight belong to Fox. I mean, after Apocalypse does the 80s, Alpha Flight could be a really cool 90s period piece that details the histories of Wolverine and Deadpool in the new timeline. It gains bonus points if it's at all like 90s comics with bright saturated colors and villains carrying guns with barrels the size of watermelons.

Starjammers on the other hand have a TON of potential to cross over with the Fantastic Four.

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