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Default Re: Next Batman Villain?

Originally Posted by -Nam rorriM- View Post
I think clayface by himself would be a good movie. Movies tend to cram loads of villains lately, but a good writer could make clayface be enough. It would be interesting to see what origins they'd carve out for the film
This. Sometimes the multiple villains works (The Dark Knight), sometimes you get Batman and Robin.

I do hope they stress the detective aspect of Batman this go around, and that, in my opinion, would work best with a single villain to track. And after typing this, I certainly want the Riddler now, he just speaks to the detective side of Batman. But not the Jim Carrey version, a dark, threatening, sadistic Riddler. Not so whiny as the Riddler in the Arkham games either.

This post was not supposed to be that long.

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