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Default Re: Next Batman Villain?

Hugo Strange and Clayface has always been an interesting match up idea to me.

The two of them have identity issues. They both want to be a certain thing, they both want to desperately be different people. To see calm and collected Hugo Strange influence a mentally unstable Matt Hagan, that would be pretty cool.
Clayface killing innocent people and assuming their roles in a happy household or something to satisfy his desire for bliss would be cool. A bit like what the T-1000 did in T2JD to John Connor's foster family.
Just something to give him that tragic element that he had in BTAS, because every Clayface has always had a bit of that. Throwing that hopelessness and loneliness of Preston Payne into the characterization mix. Where he desires a companion, he desires physical comfort, but ends up absorbing them into obliteration, which degrades his unstable mental health further. He then assumes that role if he chooses, living the life of that said person, out if desire and guilt. And he despises Batman for trying to put him back in Arkham. His prison of pain and isolation.

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