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Default Re: Tom Welling - Clark Kent/Superman : The Man Behind The Cape

One thing to say about Welling is a negative, one of many that a lot of people had over him, concerning Welling playing the role of Clark Kent aka Superman, and that's arrogance. When interviewed, current Superman Henry Cavill said something that made me say that Cavill, among many other things that make him a great Superman, knew what it meant playing the role: paraphrasing his comments, he basically pointed out that no matter what he does or doesn't do, and above all who he is or isn't, even to many people, people are not going to see Superman because of Henry Cavill, they are seeing Superman because of Superman, and they will see Superman on screen and not the actor. Compared to Welling, he had a very ego POV where he felt that people where seeing Smallville BECAUSE of Tom Welling, because HE was playing a role that people loved to see him play, and not seeing him because it was Superman. Also, he felt putting on the suit would ruin his image and because he felt he wasn't Superman; kinda not true when he WAS playing Superman, regardless of not flying (except doing that in some episodes) or wearing the suit; plus, no matter what he did or didn't do, people still saw him as Superman, and yet didn't accept it which still hurt the show.

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