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Default Re: Superman TM 1978 vs Man of Steel 2013, was the world ready, what do you think?

- is SMTM actually better than MOS (screw the critics, what do you think ?)
From what I want from a Superman movie, no, SMTM is not better then MOS. Not by a longshot. However what the critics want from a Superman film as well as the public in general is different.

Critics and the general public want a boy scout Superman who is omnipotent. They want the movie to be full of humor and self-deprecating moments. And above all, it has to be simple. I cant believe there were critics complaining about the codex saying it made the film needlessly complex.

Tomorrow James Cameron could decide to remake Jurassic Park and follow the book more closely, meaning the film would be 'darker' and more adult. Overall the remake could possibly be better then the 1993 film, yet there will be a group of those chained by nostalgia who would never accept it as superior.

Critics for the most part are chained down by nostalgia. If you check their top movies of all time lists, you'll be hard pressed to find anything that came out within the past 30 years. They claim a film needs time to prove itself, but really? You need to wait 30 years before you can decide how good a film really is? No, the issue is these critics and many people have a tough time accepting anything new as better then what they cherished in the past. Again, nostalgia clouds their reasoning.

To many critics and fans Superman The Movie will always be the definitive Superman. The 30 year gap between a true reboot gave Man of Steel no chance at being universally accepted. Seriously, the whole time travel episode as well as 'Otis' automatically put Superman The Movie a step below Man of Steel. Its like the Kid from Superman Returns. Unless Man of Steel is utter garbage, the Kid issue prevents the film from being better.

Ask the hypocritical critics which Superman film is most deserving of a best picture nod. If their pride doesnt get in the way this would expose them quite easily.

- if it is better, what makes it better ?
SMTM did do some things better then Man of Steel. The romance between Clark and Lois was more interesting, and we got a better idea of how the public felt about Superman. Outside of that, I think Man of Steel did everything better, even the soundtrack was better overall.

Overall, I think the general public accepted Man of Steel. It's strong DVD and bluray sales seem to indicate that. What Zack Snyder made was a film that you could do more then like, you could love it. Too many comic book films today are like a blonde bimbo, a little interesting to look at but in the end they're very superficial and vain.

Now dont get me wrong, I can like an almost purely fun movie like the Avengers. In fact, I rate the Avengers ahead of Man of Steel because I feel that movie has a higher fun factor then almost anything I've ever seen. All of that overcomes Man of Steel's cerebral edge.

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