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Originally Posted by Hulk-1700 View Post
I've always thought (and still think) that Roth was great as Blonsky. Laid back, reserved, not too over the top, but still someone you could see was always on the breaking point of going over the edge. I'd love to see him back as the character, Roth in general is a very talented actor.

As for Ruffalo & the Hulk in AoU, I can't wait to see what's brought to the table. It'll be refreshing to finally see the same Hulk brought back from the previous film. Not gonna lie, I was getting a little tired of the design change from film to film. As much as I loved the design in TIH, TA nailed it perfectly. But, that's the benefit of working with ILM.
I'd love to see him come back, but at the same time I don't want him to just be shoe horned into the story.

Also, that'd be another green skinned goliath for them to model, rig and texture to perfection to be able to match the magnificent Hulk they've created. Unless Blonsky just remains in human form. Which could actually be pretty interesting. Maybe his mutation is too unstable for him to go back, maybe it's effected his human form, maybe he has to cope with the fact throughout the movie. Possibly gives him a unique character arc.

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