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Default Re: Ruffahulk Ruffasmash

Originally Posted by CoherentChaos View Post
I'd love to see him come back, but at the same time I don't want him to just be shoe horned into the story.

Also, that'd be another green skinned goliath for them to model, rig and texture to perfection to be able to match the magnificent Hulk they've created. Unless Blonsky just remains in human form. Which could actually be pretty interesting. Maybe his mutation is too unstable for him to go back, maybe it's effected his human form, maybe he has to cope with the fact throughout the movie. Possibly gives him a unique character arc.
Oh, that's a must. While I do want to see him come back, it absolutely has to make sense within the story.

I'd like to see a little of a deviation from the comics where he can transform at will as opposed to be stuck in his gamma mutated form. It'd be an interesting contrast to have Blonsky as this guy who revels in being gamma infected & has control over himself whereas Banner would prefer a cure and has little to no control over himself when he changes.

Or, if they decide to actually introduce the Leader, they could just bring in Phil Sterns/Madman. I've always loved his look & the fact that he can size-shift to achieve different heights. And the fact that they're brothers would allow for a rather easy introduction. Not to mention I've always found Madman to be an extremely underrated villain.

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