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Default Re: Should the new Batman movies go fantastical?

Originally Posted by Oswald View Post
But the demons, gods and extraterrestrials provide nothing to the Batman mythos, they're fine to Superman or others fantastic heroes, but Batman is a human and his enemies and the menaces he confronts are also human. For me Batman against a fantastic creature has so much sense as Superman against the Joker or another human psychopath: that is, nothing.

It's true there has been fantastic characters and plots along Batman's story, I'm not gonna deny it, but, in the base, they're dispensable in the path of Bruce Wayne.
I don't know if he qualifies as a psychopath, but Superman's arch nemesis is a powerless human: Lex Luthor.

And even Batman's human rogues are pretty surreal and unusual, such as Two-Face with his perfectly divided face, the Joker with his clown-like features from falling in chemicals and evergreen hair. The primary interpretations depict these "scars" as too perfect and flawless and it's only ever intentionally-realistic reinterpretations that make Two-Face's "faces" not so perfectly divided or the Joker's face not so white or his hair not so green.

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