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Default Re: Do you think The Wolverine could be the best 2013 superhero film?

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
I disagree, i don't think they were harsh at all. All the movies got the ratings they deserved.
I just don't see that. But hey we all have our preferences. Thought MOS, Wolverine and Thor where all better then the RT. Especially with multiple viewings. But Kick Ass 2 is nowhere near that level of bad. Nowhere. Maybe not in everyones taste with the violence and humor, but that comes with the material and for what it was going for it actually improved on the book and told a solid continuation as a film sequel for those characters stories. Critics should have realized that imo. I havn't disagreed with a rating that much in awhile.

Most the time I think the RT can be legit, but this new age of critics is a different beast with social media and personal expectations when it comes to genre films. They can come off way too pretentious and don't give full credit when it's due at times. I expect alot of the overall views on these past years comic films to be much more positive come 10 years. If I let the RT choose my films this year I would have missed out. I personally just can't rely on them.

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