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Default Re: Should the new Batman movies go fantastical?

Originally Posted by SuperFerret View Post
Deadly serious.

Nope, not joking at all.

When reading a Batman comic, you need to accept that a human being (something that exists in reality) is able to be as physically capable, skilled, knowledgeable and determined as Batman is all at once while still being in a nebulous 30-something age range. Adding the never-ending strangeness of even his most "realistic" enemies, the free range the law gives him, and the fact that he is able to be active for a number of years without eating a bullet strains the suspension of disbelief to a baffling degree.

When reading a Superman comic, you need to accept that there is a godlike alien that appears human but is pretty much invincible, has superhuman physical abilities, can fly and shoot lasers from his eyes. Adding even the most far out of his enemies, the free range the world's governments give him and the concept that his glasses can hide his identity from those closest to both his alter-egos won't strain your suspension of disbelief considering that you've already accepted Superman himself.
You're talking about secondary details not essential in the Batman mythos: the story of a man (a millionaire) traumatized with a violent and unpredictable event who develops a terrifying character in order to avoid it happens again. Bruce Wayne is in the peak of the mental and physical human condition, BUT he's still human, he does nothing a human (with a lot of millions, ok) can't achieve to do. Their enemies are as human as him, and they reflect their own weakness and fears. The things people use to stand up for the idea that Batman is fantastical aren't keys in the story: see the example of the Joker's look, Nolan changed the chemical bath (a pulp idea, typical of comic) for some "war paints" and the spirit of the character remained intact. And this applies to almost every aspect in his mythology.

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