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Default Re: Do you think The Wolverine could be the best 2013 superhero film?

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
Mos had a lot of problems when it comes to filmmaking, using techniques that don't fit at all, like using shaky cam in talk scenes where there's no action at all, along with other problems. The Wolverine was amazing until it reached the 3rd part, which was very weak, and there were also a lot of the usual Hollywood clich├ęs of what they think Japan is like, you could even make a drinking game out of that. Thor was pretty generic, the problem was that it was mostly a studio film where you can barelly notice the director's input, though i found the final battle a lot of fun, it was weird and creative.
The third act for Wolverine was definitely weak compared to the rest, but I didn't think it ruined what was overall a solid film in any way. Thought it was by far the best version of the character we have seen on screen. Was hoping it would have at least been in the mid 70s. Which would have been more then a fair rating imo.

I thought Thor was alot of fun and a great adventure film. But yeah, I've seen that opinion.
Yeah, gotta agree there, but it still wasn't all that good, i would put it in the 60s% at most
Agreed. Something in the 60's would have been much more suiting.
I don't think they're pretentious (you should see some of the critics here in Portugal, one of the most famous ones gave Lord of the Rings and The Dark Knight 1 star, with the rating going from zero to 5), the problem with most genre films and blockbusters right now is that they've become very stale, still following the almost exact same standard set by Jaws and Star Wars in the 70s. We need more blockbusters to try new things, the only ones i really see doing that are Nolan and Cuaron, while Marvel Studios is making the industry even more comercial, now that every successful film needs to expect a sequel before it's even released.
Depends on the critics but Ive read some pretty snobby reviews last year. I agree we need more new things and better variety.Seems like we are getting that this year. Hopefully. GOTG, Cap and DOFP all look very different from eachother. Caps probably more on the safe side of things But GOT and DOFP look to switch things up.

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