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Default Re: Superman TM 1978 vs Man of Steel 2013, was the world ready, what do you think?

Originally Posted by Batmannerism View Post
Yo Super People,

Superman the Movie and Man of Steel essentially cover the same ground, yet one is remembered as a timeless classic, and the other divided fans and critics alike. The big question is WHY ????????

Hanging out there, like the phantom zone, is this idea that somehow
SMTM is qualitatively better than MOS.

Personally, I don't buy it for a second. SMTM was great in its time,
but 1978 was a different world. MOS is how Superman SHOULD appear
in the 21st century.

Now SMTM is probably the most important film of my childhood, as I saw it in the cinemas, as an 8 year old. Coming out of that film I felt like I could fly, the thrill was indescribable.

I watched SMTM again, just after seeing MOS, and the thrill was still there. Well deserving of its 93% on RT (despite arguably the lamest resolution to the central crisis ever....he flies around the world and turns back time, OFFS ? , but who cares ! SMTM is still mega-awesome).

Superman II was awesome as well (although IMO doesn't date as well, whereas SMTM stands up to the test of time a little better). Subsequent
films were quite disappointing, culminating in the atrocious Superman Returns, which despite being a love letter to Donner/Reeve Superman films, was the least super of all (and yes, I actually preferred Quest for Peace).

Anyway, Going in to MOS I'd heard about the death of Zod, and all the other stuff. I was expecting to hate it but....... the thrill returned.
This was Superman as he should be. I absolutely loved MOS, and it gets
better with every viewing.

As a die-hard Superman fan, I could accept MOS for what it was, and love it, yet still enjoy SMTM. Seems like critics couldn't do that.

So, two my questions to you, super fans are

- is SMTM actually better than MOS (screw the critics, what do you think ?)

- if it is better, what makes it better ?

How do these two, very different, versions of the same story stack up.

This is not intended to be a thread where people should feel the need defend MOS at all costs, or in the face of reasonable suggestions/opinions. If you preferred SMTM, I want to know why, and respect everyone's personal taste. If MOS was more your style, again, why ? Which is the better film, and as always, why ?

Looking forward to some super posts
after half a year, i can make my fair assessment now.

i love both movies but i think SMTM is slightly better than MOS.
even though SMTM has a lot of campiness, especially the villains and no much character development in the superman himself; (i mean after clark goes to metropolis, we basically don't see his life anymore) while in MOS we see some of clark's personal life, his warm moment with his mother and the development of friendship with Lois. but i'm still more connected with SMTM and touched and wowed by it more.

maybe it's the fun and possible tune in SMTM.

maybe it's because Christopher Reeve was playing superman in STM, while Henry Cavill is still an alien trying to fit in.

or maybe the story of MOS isn't complete to introduce superman into the world.

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