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Default Re: Superman TM 1978 vs Man of Steel 2013, was the world ready, what do you think?

Originally Posted by KRYPTON INC. View Post
Oh lord... This won't end well.

I LOVE both. S:TM is no more "a camp Schumacher fever dream" any more than MOS was a "pretentious film afraid of it's comic book roots" (Really?)

Both are, to my eyes, GREAT feature film adaptations of a Pop Culture icon done with great care and attention. Quite frankly, both are great bookends that encompass much of the grandeur, coolness and fun of Superman. I saw Chris Reeve in 1978 when I was 2 yrs old and this summer I paid to see Henry Cavil as Superman 6 times in the theater. Both work big time for me.
Dude, that's exactly the kind of response I was interested in hearing - besides, there hasn't been a comparison thread between SMTM and MOS for a while.
Enjoying MOS doesn't mean that anyone has to turn their back on SMTM, to be honest I think they are just reflections of the times they were made in. I was hoping to hear from folks who hold both films in equal regard, just as much as those who have a clear preference, so thanks for posting.

Interestingly, Brandon Routh was cast because he looks like Chris Reeve (RIP) whereas Henry Cavill was cast because he looks like Superman. Sorry, that's just an aside.

BTW who called SMTM a "camp Schumacher fever dream" ? BAck in the late 70's Schumacher was writing screenplays. If anything, Schumacher's Batman work is a campier, less tasteful, visually irksome and poorly cast mockery of one of Richard Donner's acid trips. (Although Schumacher has done some really fun stuff, the Lost Boys is still a hilarious vampire movie
probably the only horror/comedy worth watching).

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