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Default Re: Amy Adams is Lois Lane: - - Part 11

I loved, loved, loved Amy as Lois Lane. I wasn't too familiar with her body of work before seeing MoS so I didn't have any negative reservations towards her beforehand. But, along with Durance, this is my favorite interpretation of the character.

I'm just glad that she was a real character with real personality. With Adams, just like with Durance, you can understand why Clark loves her. You understand why she's "that" girl for him.

With Kidder & Bosworth I saw nothing special or remotely interesting. Their portrayals had no real ambition, or nothing to set Lois away from the rest of the pack. Add that to the fact that neither of them looked particularly stunning.

That's what I love about Amy as Lois. She's incredibly beautiful, but there's a lot of intelligence underneath and she's a real reporter who gets in the middle of the action to find out what she needs/wants to know.

Am definitely looking forward to seeing more of her in this franchise.

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