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Default Re: Marvel Heroes to start tomorrow and prices for heroes revealed

Ok so if you missed this live stream show casing Night crawler and Kate bishop and the WWII Human torch as a summon for captain america here's the recorded version.


Marvel Heroes: Official Twitch Channel
MarvelHeroes about 2 hours ago

source:marvel heroes Twitch channel

I don't know if they will put this on you tube. they have yet to put up when they show cased Ghost rider from befor christmas break so sorry. if they manage to skip you tube again you'll have to ask them what that's about.

Here's break down of things
Consolidated Updates from the Forum AMA + Twitch Livestream [24/01/2014]


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January 24
Today @Ryolnir & @TheArtofRawr held a Developer Livestream on Twitch (, where they graciously showed off Nightcrawler, the newly reviewed Cap & Hawkeye (& we saw Kate Bishop run around as well). PLUS the first reveals for Fear Itself Wolverine & the highly awaited Lady Loki. Brilliant job done on BOTH costumes that look absolutely smashing & kudos to @TheDink for her work on Lady Loki which is top-notch as always. (I would like to know though who was responsible for the equally great work done on Fear Itself Wolvie.)
This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.
But before the Twitch event actually happened, Ryolnir decided to "keep us entertained" (read: distract us from whining & moaning about the servers being down ) with an AMA ( So since the servers are still down I figured I could consolidate all the updates from the forum AMA AND the Twitch livestream into one single post for your reading pleasure while you'll wait. Special mention to@KingBacon for keeping us entertained with his humorous antics in the AMA & thanks to @Doomsawfor popping in the AMA & Livestream too. Of course a BIG THANKS to Ryolnir for conducting both & trying to answer as many questions as he could from the barrage of queries.In case I've missed out on anything feel free to comment & I'll add it in with your credit.
New Heroes
  • Choice for the final 2 heroes in the Advance packs is between Rogue (very likely), Mr. Fantastic, Blade & 1-2 possible others.
  • Moon Knight comes after Nightcrawler. He will be mostly based on Charlie Huston's Moon Knight & before (with a touch of Vengeance of the Moon Knight.) He has plenty of ranged & melee skills & the Moon Copter/Angelwing will be present.
  • Doctor Strange is currently in design phase on track for his March release. He has many spells & some nifty Astral Form stuff planned.
  • Star Lord power trees: Element Guns, Ship, TBD.
  • Psylocke is in design phase.
  • X-23 & Beast progress as side projects when there is downtime, which is rare, but occasionally happens.
  • Blade will definitely be in 2015, if not 2014. But more likely 2015.
  • Magneto, Venom & Juggernaut- Second half of 2014. There is a very specific story chapter that needs to finish before these releases. (They also have something in mind for Agent Venom.)
  • Silver Surfer will likely be released close to Starlord's August release.
  • Nova & Invisible Woman - Mid 2014.
  • Iceman- (Maybe early) 2015
  • Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)- May come out in 2015.
  • Elektra & War Machine will eventually be playable heroes but timing is TBD.
  • There are serious limitations for super-speed heroes like Quicksilver & Northstar, which is why they could probably never make them as playable.
  • Kaine Spiderman will most likely not be playable in the game.
  • Penance could be a likely candidate for 2016.
Hero Improvements
  • Scarlet Witch's review will most likely be in April or so.
  • Black Widow's review will be in February.
  • They are working on a number of changes for Gambit. His running animation will also be changed.
  • In his review Daredevil will receive something similar to combo points & will have improved AOE/trash killing' abilities. [Thanks @Skaughtto ]
  • They will be adjusting tenacity soon. 2 things need to be fixed: the tooltips & overall balancing/amounts/ratios.
  • Team-up characters will begin to be released in the next few months.
  • Possible to see Arachne (Julia Carpenter), Deathlok as a team up or similar someday.
  • Likely you will be able to donate gear to team ups (sidekicks) to upgrade their stats.
  • Dual spec for heroes will be coming latest by the first half of this year.
  • Raid on TC - Probably in 1-2 months. Rewards for raids hasn't been decided yet, but will possibly include some combination of:
-Tokens that let you upgrade the item level of items (increasing the white numbers and affixes slightly).
-A few rare runewords.
-Uniques items & artifacts (or advanced versions of current)
-Higher chance of "any hero" uniques.
  • There will be a recipe for Bovineheim.
  • More terminals are in the works. Bullseye terminal seems likely.
  • Hardcore mode is often discussed, but never locked down.
  • An Ultron multiphase boss is being planned.
  • Uru forged item drops will be pretty rare in this patch since they're a preview - more common in the future (but never common).
-Note that the base items themselves are pretty vanilla (similar to socketed items with some key design differences), it's the runewords themselves that are more interesting. The Uru-Forged Items themselves are vessels than can be enchanted with runewords.
-They come in 6 flavors: War Belt, War Ballista, War Axe, War Gauntlets, War Helm & War Plate (Those are the high-level version names)
-Here are some sample runeword names:
2-Rune Runewords: Shield Wall Bowazon Blood Barrage Fire Barrage Valkerie's Legacy
3-Rune Runewords: Ritual Spiritfire Ancient Grove Bone Breaker
4-Rune Runewords: Heroes of Asgard Demonic Savagery Gladiator Viking's Vitality Lunar Eclipse
5-Rune Runewords: Surtur's Volcanic Soul Beast Master Breath of the Dying Enigma Ultimate Guardian God of Thunder God of Mischief
  • Most runes will have 1 affix, the basic design is that they are one per item, but there may be more advanced recipes.
-Runes will be able to enchant slot 1-5.
-Gear slot 1-5 can only have 1 rune.
  • StarkTech should be in test by late February/early March & live in March.
  • Relic auto stacking is coming.
  • More STASH tabs likely available for purchase by March.
  • They are planning a medallion/artifact pass.
  • No new blessings planned right now.
  • Phoenix 5 Emma Frost coming next week! She will probably be 950G as she has no flames or voice modulation.
  • Jean Grey's All New X-Men costume is finished & on the schedule. Her Here Comes Tomorrow costume is also likely to be done at some point.
  • Black Widow has a new costume waiting to be released. Doomsaw has since teased what the costume would be based on here:
  • Thor's Future King costume will be the next costume released for him.
  • Shuri enhanced costume for Black Panther confirmed.
  • American Dream costume for Captain America is still in the works.
  • Indestructible, Fear Itself & Joe Fixit (Madripoor) costumes are all on the list for Hulk with the Indestructible one coming first.
  • Patch Wolverine, , Dark X-men Emma Frost, Iron Spiderman, Rune King Thor, Ultimate Thor, Ms. Thing (FF), 2099 costumes are definitely on their list.
  • Cyclops & Wolverine Age of Apocalypse costumes, Age of X & X-Treme costumes will happen.
  • Rocket Raccoon's Timely Inc costume- Highly desired by Gaz but there have been certain licensing issues with it in the past. They could probably resolve it by making the costume & calling it something else, therefore avoiding the Timely Inc. name which is a separate company.
  • Fear Itself Wolverine is in the pipeline now!
    This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.
  • Gambit as Death will be in the works soon & will be for the normal enhanced price on release.
  • Bearded Punisher is the next Punisher costume in the pipeline but he has a lot of heroes in front of him. Rachel Cole-Alves costume is 90% coming for him.
  • Active players have been growing fairly aggressively since the Thor movie.
  • An official update on Mac compatability is coming in 2 weeks.
  • They are considering a companion app for mobile but their focus is still to add more great stuff to the main game first.
  • Havok will replace Nightcrawler as the Xavier School NPC. Longshot is likely to replace Domino as the Fortune Card NPC after Domino's release.
  • They don't ahve a specific goal for he number of heroes they want to cap at. They may slow down at 100, but have loads they really want to do before then.
  • Brian Bendis has only written the storyline up to Doom.


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