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Default Re: Superman/batman production and filming news, pictures.

Originally Posted by dnno1 View Post
The thing is that no one really knew when production was to start in the first place. It was as vague as the first quarter of this year and now seems like sometime this spring. Even that Deadline article can not nail down a specific date and just because you have been summoned to go to work right away does not indicate what date you are supposed to start.
Correct but it says "right away" and that the production hasn't been delayed. That's the thing and sure they didn't give us date but 2nd quarter of year is not happening.

The question I had is;
Does this "confirm" that Gadot will not be filming till she's more bulked and also that only will have a minor presence in BvS but also giving us the clue that she will have a major part in the JL movie that may start filming back to back with BvS?


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