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Default Re: Superman/batman production and filming news, pictures.

Originally Posted by KalMart View Post
As I mentioned elsewhere, you don't suddenly do a 180 again on something like this without it being an even bigger mess than rescheduling to begin with. Likely, if this was possible, they wouldn't have decided on a delay to begin with. It's not something you do lightly, and much of your hiring revolves around throw their original 7-moth slot for a spin, many are out of work suddenly for the netter part of a year and get on another show. Then another week later it' 'come on back'? Again, it's possible, but it would be vert screwy if true. The main thing is that the initial delay/reschedule was definite....and they'd have a huge scramble on their hands if they took a mulligan on that.

But y'know what....if things were messed up enough to bring about a last minute reschedule to begin with, an 'un-reschedule' a week later might be par the course. Not exactly a smooth way to kick things off.

I'll say this once was confirmed to me by someone who's working on the film in a pretty major capacity. He went out there the 16th and was sent back home to NYC because the entire film decided to reschedule. Snyder is in Mich. for a location scout...which films often do several months before actually filming since it takes a while to secure and prep these paces....ESPECIALLY in a major city. Location scouting should have been all finished quite a while ago if they were to start actual production around now.

Production was OFFICIALLY pushed/delayed, that is a that would mean it's been un-delayed somehow if they are 'still on the original schedule'. Haven't heard from the person I know on this second part yet, but I would since we're actually working together right now.

I kinda believe you but at the same time I don't... I guess we'll just wait and see.

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