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Default Re: Superman TM 1978 vs Man of Steel 2013, was the world ready, what do you think?

Originally Posted by Batmannerism View Post
Totally dude !

Enjoying both films equally, for different reasons, is totally valid dude.
I'm in the same boat (although occasionally I favour MOS a little, probably because it's more recent, and after nearly 40 years I still struggle with the whole "flew around the world really fast and turned back time" thing) but yeah, loved both of them.

Some people have a preference (liked one more than the other), some have no preference (liked them both) which are all things I was interested in hearing about when I started the thread.
Other people also have no preference (hated them both and really shouldn't be on this thread, but might enjoy a Twilight or Jane Austen forum I know about) - just kidding, sort of.

I agree, that what made MOS work (for me anyway) is that at no point did it ever try to imitate or be like the Donner/Reeve films
(unlike Superman Returns, which I still say is actually worse than the
Quest for Peace).

As for Batman and Wonder Woman, in the mix I think we're all wondering that. BTW big ups for using "verisimilitude" in a post. I have never managed to pull that one off. Nice, very nice indeed !
My personal demarcation line between the two films, and I have seen others also state similar things so perhaps I am on to something, is that MOS was Superman as mythic scifi Hercules/messiah and that in '78 the presentation was more modern day fantasy/fairy tale with a pinch of the usual messiah stuff. It's important to remember that in the late 70's the verisimilitude Donner was going for was going to have limitations that he and Tom M. were going to bring to their execution, the brass at WB, the audience and even the nature of Hollywood films at the time themselves. Not to mention the expectations of the fan base which was being entertained by the silver age era Superman. Snyder and Co. I believe brought their A game with MOS and 9 times out of 10 for me they hit a bullseye. Could I have done with a smidge more humor, or would I have done many things different if I had my say? Yeah. Those attitudes I have don't detract from me admiring in a big way what they did in the film though. I wish it had been more accepted by the fan base too, but I really think those fans that were not pleased overstate by a large magnitude the General Audience reaction's to the film. Totally unscientific anecdote, but my dad passed very recently. We had a funeral and Mass that drew my family from all over. Everybody in my family knows I'm nuts for super heroes and have always been an evangelist for them. The kids who were only a little younger than me growing up now have little ones of their own. You know the one movie the ones that could speak (and for some speak really well) were raving about to me? MOS. My cousins in their twenties too, whom I forced to read comics and the like as a younger man, were damned impressed with the film. You can say I'm lying or whatever, it's what happened. I really think that the film has sparked great interest in the character for a newer generation, especially those raised on stuff like DBZ. And my thought has been for some time that if WB/DC finally decided to get into the DC SUPER HERO business and not just the BATMAN business they had to make Superman above all cool again. I think MOS did that and we as fans will be reaping the benefit of that in the near and distant future.

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