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Default Re: Superman TM 1978 vs Man of Steel 2013, was the world ready, what do you think?

Originally Posted by Skrilla31 View Post
From one Superman fan to another, you can't possibly believe that. And you know it.

This movie was NOT received by the public the way we all wanted it to be. This was supposed to be our Dark Knight. This was supposed to be the movie that propelled Superman back to the top of public consciousness. All signs pointed to his movie being an event film and revitalization of the Superman character. An instant classic.

It wasn't.
And what are the instant classic films from this year? Which movie did the film pundits decide should be remembered as a classic? Gravity? All is Lost? The Butler? All decide for myself what should be considered a classic from this year thank you.

Man of Steel didnt put Superman back on people's minds again? Beating Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness and others in DVD sales seems to tell a different story. How about beating Toy Story 3's (a well established and insanely popular franchise) June box office records. And from all the forums I've been at, the hype for Batman vs Superman exceeds the hype for the new Avengers film by quite a bit. The reason? Man of Steel. If this new Superman was so bad and if Zack Snyder was so bad, would the simple addition of Batman, a Ben Affleck Batman at that, really get people that excited?

Interesting how you wanted the Dark Knight in Superman's first film, when the Dark Knight was the second film of Nolan's trilogy. Reminds me of how people talk about how there was no scene in Man of Steel like the Iron Man 3 Air Force One rescue, or how we didnt see a complete character development arc for Superman like we did when Tony Stark sacrificed himself at the end of the Avengers. Patience, please. Those were the 3rd and 4th films Iron Man has been in. Iron Man 1 had none of that, yet it was the best solo Iron Man film. Theres still plenty of room for this Superman to grow.

Man of Steel/Batman Begins. Who was the villain in Begins again? The scarecrow, or the League of Shadows? Its my opinion Man of Steel has gotten Superman off to a much better start then Batman Begins.

35 years. 35 years to put the 1978 Donner film on an unreachable and undeserved pedestal. 35 years of nothing else to compare it to, which inevitably makes it the gold standard, a 'classic', right or wrong. 35 years for Superman fans to imagine the perfect Superman film, ensuring anything that falls short of their vision is a failure.

And there is one last clue. Man of Steel is a Zack Snyder film. He wants them to cut you. He even made a movie called 'Sucker Punch' which is what it did to the audience who watched it expecting a whimsical action fantasy. None of his films have ever gone over 65% or so at Rotten Tomatoes. His movies are never going to be widely accepted because he doesnt lead you by the hand through them like Christopher Nolan. Snyder throws you in there, roughs you up, and expects you to take it on the chin like a man. Obviously this is going to make alot of people uncomfortable.

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