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Default Re: Superman TM 1978 vs Man of Steel 2013, was the world ready, what do you think?

Originally Posted by Skrilla31 View Post
From one Superman fan to another, you can't possibly believe that. And you know it.

This movie was NOT received by the public the way we all wanted it to be. This was supposed to be our Dark Knight. This was supposed to be the movie that propelled Superman back to the top of public consciousness. All signs pointed to this movie being an event film and revitalization of the Superman character. An instant classic.

It wasn't.
Do not tell me what I think. I don't give a hoot how the public receives it. I care what I thought. And don't talk down to me like a little child because I liked it and you didn't. Just say you didn't like it. My statement made comeplete sense.

Mos had a mixed reception. It did well financially. Hence, it wasn't a failure. I never said it was flawless and the best movie ever. And for me, it was good and left me wanting more of this superman. That's what I wanted out of it. The public reception matters very little to me, as long as it was good enough to get a sequel of sorts and it was. So, I am satisfied because I'll get more superman. Don't assume I'm kidding myself. That's unfair. I have nothing to prove to anyone and I have no problem saying what I really think.

And for the record, I wouldn't talk down to you for not liking the film. Do me the same curtesy.

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