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Default Re: Superman TM 1978 vs Man of Steel 2013, was the world ready, what do you think?

Originally Posted by Blitzkrieg Bop View Post
I was quick to call Man of Steel "the best" after watching it on an IMAX 3D presentation. The movie had given me what I wanted for a long time, good action scenes. The movie was exciting. Not just for flying punches, but also because Superman was back on the big screen. Man of Steel was truly a theatrical event, for me at least.

I watched it a second time on video and the errors became a little more clear after the confetti was swept up and my opinion changed. I think Superman: The Movie is still top dog because it wasn't afraid to be Superman; colorful, romantic, whimsical. Man of Steel was unarguably guided by current Hollywood trends and because of that, it never reached its full potential. I still like Man of Steel, but it wasn't the Superman movie I wanted, nor is superior to the original Richard Donner piece.
oh man, u read my mind!!! i couldn't finger point out why i'm more connected with STM and how STM is slightly better than MOS. and u just did put my feeling into words.

nevertheless, MOS is still azz kicking.

The superman returns comics strips were created during the production of the movie in 2005 we were longing a superman movie too long and we were basically going crazy of every bit of the leaked news and rumours. let's the fun returns!
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