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Default Re: Superman TM 1978 vs Man of Steel 2013, was the world ready, what do you think?

Originally Posted by Blitzkrieg Bop View Post
I was quick to call Man of Steel "the best" after watching it on an IMAX 3D presentation. The movie had given me what I wanted for a long time, good action scenes. The movie was exciting. Not just for flying punches, but also because Superman was back on the big screen. Man of Steel was truly a theatrical event, for me at least.

I watched it a second time on video and the errors became a little more clear after the confetti was swept up and my opinion changed. I think Superman: The Movie is still top dog because it wasn't afraid to be Superman; colorful, romantic, whimsical. Man of Steel was unarguably guided by current Hollywood trends and because of that, it never reached its full potential. I still like Man of Steel, but it wasn't the Superman movie I wanted, nor is superior to the original Richard Donner piece.
oh man, u read my mind!!! i couldn't finger point out why i'm more connected with STM and how STM is slightly better than MOS. and u just did put my feeling into words.

nevertheless, MOS is still azz kicking.

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