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Default Re: Should the new Batman movies go fantastical?

Originally Posted by SuperFerret View Post
A normal human, even one with unlimited money, could never possibly hope to achieve the very basics of what it means to be Batman, which is perfectly fine. He's fictional. He's a fantasy. The problem comes with the fact that despite his apparent ability to have 56 hours for every 24 hours a normal human has, every Batman story will inevitably stress the fact that he is human, usually by bringing up some quickly solved weakness that the reader can relate to. This back and forth completely breaks the suspension of disbelief.

Batman, at his core, is a man who through sheer determination, trained himself to the peak of mental and physical condition, learned mastered hundreds of varying skill sets and martial arts, devised numerous contingency plans for all sorts of scenarios (up to and including contingency plans for his contingency plans), and uses it all to further a single-minded focus to fight crime, and does this while still being young enough to look good in tights.

In no way is that realistic.
Ok, just answer me this question: which character you think is more suitable to exist in our reality, Batman or Superman? (and if your answer is Superman I'll be disturbed... I also want to live in that reality!)

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