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Default Re: Who should write Affleck's first solo Batman film?

They should but im sure it will never happen.

Actually, i shouldn't really say that "they should". Because that might either enhance a Batman movie, or it will suck the creativity out of a directors vision if they want to try something new. Even Paul Dini said that a literal adaptation of the source material would be pretty boring. I don't really think that's the case if the timing is right (like in the next decade would be the right time to get super close to the comics)..but i see his point. He said that's why he was excited when Nolan was first announced.

I dont really believe that Morrison, etc need to be consultants. A writer or director should just take inspiration from Grant when they do solo films in the 2020's. I imagine it won't be Affleck, it may not even be in that universe, but it could be cool.

Plus, a live-action film script/screenplay is totally different than something Dini would do in some animated show or spin-off movie. It's not the same thing at all.

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