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Default Re: Transformers Movie

Originally Posted by Spooderman View Post
I don't care if it's faithful to the original comics/cartoon, I only care if it's actually good.
Good luck with that.

Frankly, I think this franchise could be dramatically improved if they'd: 1) get rid of the Idiotic Comic Relief Characters, be they human OR robot; and 2) come up with a plot that does NOT involve any more Ancient Buried Crap.

Here's another idea: How about Decepticons who just hate our planet and our species so much that they want it and everybody on it to die horrible, fiery deaths? Y'know, EVIL Decepticons? I would get the impression that after three movies of come-from-behind @$$-kickings by the Autobots and NEST - especially after seeing their beloved Cybertron consumed by a black hole (they can call it a Space Bridge all they want, what I saw happen was pretty much exactly the same as Trek 2.0 Vulcan) - all bets would be off and the 'Cons would decide our world has officially outlived any usefulness it might have had to them (beyond bleeding it dry, did seem to work well enough back in 1984, anyway). Because as it stands right now, the live-action-movie Decepticons as portrayed are no real threat, even IF Megatron were still alive (which I'm sure he will be again by the end of AoE). IMO half the MCU's villains are more menacing, frankly, and that includes the Evil Industrialist portion (Stane and Killian, anyway...not so much Hammer).

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