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Default Re: Superman TM 1978 vs Man of Steel 2013, was the world ready, what do you think?

Originally Posted by BH/HHH View Post
On Man of Steel been exceptional it most certainly was. I have never ever seen a film with the action this movie has, its unprecedented. Nothing I have seen has come close to this level, it makes films like Avengers and Transformers seem small in scale.

Exceptional is a big word and probably means something a little bit different to everyone.

I have to agree with you that the scope of the action in MOS was staggering. I still believe that the Battle of Smallville has been the best
super-hero on super-villain fight ever (there's a thread for that sort of thing over in Misc comic films), there was a lot of destruction in that sequence, but so much of the action was up-close and personal, and of course brutal.

I think it is arguable that MOS is exceptional in terms of the scope of the carnage of the last act ( personally, that worked for me, and although some complain about it, the final fight between Zod and Supes doesn't actually last that long). It's true that there's an insane amount of destruction compared to Avengers - again, personally that worked for me, because IMO when Superman gets involved the stakes have to be pretty big...which is why it's a "job for Superman !"
So, there are definitely some exceptional elements to the movie.

However, I suspect some of the other posters are suggesting exceptional in a different sense, more in terms of the total package of the film and
its reception by the world at large.

When SMTM came out in 1978, it was like Star Wars all over again ( because SW came out the year before, and I can't begin to describe the impact in cinema that Star Wars had, it was a phenomenon). Given the regard its held in by fans and critics alike, its highly arguable that SMTM is a great film, not just a great superhero film, but a great film period.

SMTM is exceptional because it stands out from films in general. MOS hasn't received the same kind of response. Personally, I still think it's a great film - and it certainly improves on a few things from SMTM, but that's my opinion. In some ways I actually prefer MOS's characterization of Superman, less of a boy-scout and more of a regular guy (he drinks beer and watches NFL !).

So, while I don't agree with some of the explanations, I think that saying MOS isn't an exceptional film, compared to films in general, or that it won't have the impact that SMTM had, might be a fair comment.

Again, on a personal level, I loved it - particularly the choice about the ending, Superman doesn't get an easy way out, I'll just fly around the world and turn back time. No, instead he has to make a difficult and terrible decision, but one that's totally necessary, and no doubt he has to live with the consequences.

So, for me MOS was an exceptional film, one that restored and improved the glory of Superman, but I can accept that it probably won't have the same degree of impact as SMTM to the greater public.

However, if you feel it was an exceptional film, then who am I to argue with you ? Let's hope that all the things we enjoyed about MOS are done as well, if not even better in Superman's next movie appearance.

peace out Super-fans.

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