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Default Re: Kat Dennings as Darcy Lewis

Originally Posted by seahammer View Post
I feel for people who didn't get what they wanted. While the movie wasn't perfect, I was still pleased, but it's a shame that so many fans seem to have been disappointed. On the bright side, though, it gives them room to improve for Thor 3, rather than having an X-Men 2 to 3, or Spider-man 2 to 3, situation.
With fans in general it actually seems to have been received very well. When I looked around at various places (RT, IMDb, etc) it has the third best reception in the MCU, after The Avengers and Iron Man. I'm less sure if I compared against all superhero movies everywhere but on RT the other ones that pass it are actually only the Batman trilogy and First Class, when it comes to crowd reception.

As always it's irrelevant to any individual's opinion but it shows that it's wrong to claim that it wasn't successful in that regard.

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