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Default Re: Anime: Why you love/hate it so much?

Nice to see another Portuguese around. What i sometimes dislike in the anime fan base i can access is that the Ocident seems to not accept exageration and some of the fun in many Anime/ manga very easily and prefer more "edgy" or "realistic" series, using that aspect as an excuse for saying that it's better than the more fun stories.

This is by far one of the reasons for many years One Piece seemed to remain on the shadows of Naruto, and OP is still ignored by many anime fans and viewers even now. It doesn't help that the anime has barelly any animation in it for most of the time, very similar to the Marvel super heroes cartoons from the 60s.

The younger fanbases also tend to classify any new serious and well told manga/ anime that has gotten into the mainstream as "the best anime ever!", as is evidenced by some Death Note fans and used to be more serious with Naruto fans, who have went on to be called "narutards" by others who disliked this type of reaction.

Some of the anime/ manga audience also have a wrong perception of what is a classic, i remember some arrogante viewers/ readers thinking Naruto was the best anime of all time, while Dragon Ball was bad, with them accepting this as the base judgement of this media, when in reality, the most hardcore fanbase seems to now despise Naruto, and regard Akira Toriyama (creator of Dragon Ball) as a king of manga, along with Astro Boy's creator.

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