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Default Re: Anime: Why you love/hate it so much?

To give an "in a nutshell" answer to the thread's question, anime/manga - though anime in particular - is by far the medium with the least amount of limits.

First, there is the format and type of story you want to tell. The vast majority of Western animated shows are limited to the "season format" in which the number of episodes is usually decided before the full scripts are even finished. Even the most continuity/arc driven animated shows still do this to an extent. With anime, all of that is customisable. There are animes like Full Metal Panic and Darker than Black follow the traditional "season" Western format, and then there are also animes like the Shonen Jump titles (Dragon Ball, YuYu Hakusho, One Piece, etc.) that are continuously ongoing, with them being broken down into arcs/sagas instead. As long as an anime or manga sells well, things like the format, pacing, number of episodes/chapters, and style is entirely up to you as the writer.

Some people reading may be asking "Sure that applies to animation, but how does that differ from the live-action shows here in the West? Stuff like Breaking Bad have done practically the same thing". Yes, but the difference is just that...animation and live-action. I prefer Animation television to live-action television due to there being less restrictions in terms of budget. Everything you can do in live-action, you can do in animation. Everything you can do in animation, you can't do in live-action. In general, I also prefer television over live-action films due to essentially being films but with more continuity and ongoing story arcs. Which brings me to my next and (probably most important reason)...

Anime is essentially what I always wanted from American animation but never got (so far). There are no censorship issues (at least not major ones), can explore more mature themes, is very customisable in terms of the number of episodes and format in which the story will play out, and usually - though not always - they're less episodic with story arcs and continuity being put a very great deal amount of emphasis on. That's not to say American animation hasn't had its fair share of similar things, with products like Avatar and a lot of superhero shows. However, even those still had some of the limits that most American TV shows are slammed with. Batman TAS was very dark, but you still could never do Zsasz. Marvel shows like Spectacular Spider-Man and Avengers EMH still had continuity and story arcs, but they had to come up with the most fitting stories that would fit the 26-episode season format. It's little things like that that anime usually doesn't have a problem with.

I also like the fact manga usually boils down to only one writer, unlike Marvel/DC. It makes the overall story feel more consistent, especially when it comes to the big ongoing Shonen titles. That's not to say the Marvel/DC having so many writers is a bad thing, but it's nice to get just one writer once in a while.

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