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Default Re: Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns Animated - Part 1

I finally watched the film this weekend. I bought the Deluxe version three months ago. I hadn't watched the film and I waited until I got this version. Sadly I hadn't got the time to watch it properly, I have been kinda busy.

Anyways, this film was awesome! Really, it has been a long time since I the last time I read DKR. I forgot how brutal this tale is. The pacing was great, the time flew by. The absence of narration made the visual cues more powerful, the voice acting was great. Peter Weller landed his lines masterfully most of the time. The only time I didn't feel it powerful enough was with the speech with the S.O.B. I finally understood the Gordon's Vietnam speech on a thematic level. When I first read the novel, I didn't quite catch it, I guess my english wasn't very good back then.

Also, as a fan of Person of Interest, I was looking forward to hear Michael Emmerson as the Joker. Boy he was creepy! All of his scenes up to the Carnival where very unsettling. His lines before entering the Dave Endochrine show where truly scary. Alas his final showdown in the ironic Tunnel of Love was so raw, I never thought they could get away with that kind of graphic violence.

I think somehow, the treatment of Superman in the film was less harsh than in the novel. I guess it had to do a lot with Mark Valley's performance. The final battle was thrilling, more fleshed out than in the novel.

The 80's setting, the phenomenal score, even the cinematic sequences felt like something greater. I really need to make time to watch this again soon. This is perhaps the best effort in the DC Animated Movies line.


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