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Default Re: EMPIRE magazine covers

The thing that annoys me about all the images, is that they look far too clean. I mean, the armour of the future folk looks brand new. Surely if they’re in a chaotic world, fighting for survival, their suits would be a little worn and distressed. Even Quicksilver, a guy who runs at super-speed, has a brand new leather jacket and shoes with so wear and tear? It's small things like that, that make me think - "wow they', ve really put so much effort into the tiny things"

However, I really think Singer has no eye for small details. His outfits always looks far too ‘straight off the sewing machine’ look to it, and mostly look ‘off’. I felt the same about the Superman Returns suit. Sure, he doesn't design these himself, but he’s the director and chooses the direction of how things will look.

He just seems to have a very insubstantial eye for detail, which would serve to make the experience more immersive for the viewer.

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