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Default Re: The Official Batman Forever Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by DaRkVeNgeanCe View Post
We never actually got a plain black sculpt of the panther suit as a figure with the yellow oval logo, I remember being a kid and thinking their would be one and searching everwhere for it because I always hated all the variant colors and always would only play with the plain black "normal" suit version figure, we only got a sonar suit figure both of which I had.

The sonar suit figure just goes to show that regular old action figures for kids don't have to look like cheap junk like Mattel seems to think. They only seem to put effort into adult collector stuff now.

I don't understand why Kenner/Hasbro always skipped on giving the ultimate Batman figures leg articulation. What's the point in making the arms movable and nothing else?

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