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Default Re: What DIDN'T you like about Iron Man 3? *SPOILER ALERT*

Originally Posted by Gr0oT View Post
Loki882 actually summarized my thoughts on this much better than I so I'll just quote him.
This I can agree with.

In addition to that, I'd have preferred if there was a bit more reverence paid to Yinsen's memory for his role in Tony's escape.

No two ways about it - he is the reason that Tony was able to get out of there in any capacity, from putting the initial electro-magnet in his chest, to giving him the needed motivation to improvise the Mark I suit.

With that, a legitimate grudge between Tony & Killian could have been established, with a call-back to Yinsen towards the end. The cameo was a nice nod, but again, Tony has acted as if he doesn't even remember the guy since the moment he got out of the cave. This was one thing that I think Avengers did well, with the "His name was Phil" line for Coulson's 'death'. Either something along those lines or a photo of the guy (maybe a forgotten one from Bern that he dug up from some old boxes) somewhere in his basement would have been a nice touch.

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