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Default Re: "By The Goddess!": The Official Storm Discussion - Part 3

Originally Posted by Mystique'sbooty View Post
She doesn't have high heels,but probably 2-3 inch heels/platforms. In her Empire shot you can only see the front of her feet,because she's floating upward with her toes pointed.

Heels really help Halle because she isn't particularly tall,but she isn't short either. Halle is average height for a woman.

Storm is suppose to be like 5'10-11
Halle is like 5'5-6

Those heels really helped i n X-1 & 2. She was almost as tall as Hugh,and she was above Mardsen's Cyclops.

It's tiny details like that, that bug the hell out of me. and honestly it's all in the production. Halle gets a lot of crap for her portrayal,but she could really look like Storm if they tried.

She looked the most Storm like in X1 because

1. Her hair was long,and PURE white
2. Heels gave her height and made her look more statuesque
3. Her skin was darker(yes if you look closely,you can tell). Halle had a good tan while filming X1,also her make-up was much darker. like her foundation, her eyeshadow ,her lipstick choices were darker (Apricots, Purple/lavender gloss etc) They darkened her eyebrows more.
4. Clothing had more tribal aspects,patterns, designs, chokers, jewelry

I agree with the little details that count, I remember seeing pics of Halle sporting long hair without that awful bang.

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