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Default Re: "By The Goddess!": The Official Storm Discussion - Part 3

Originally Posted by PoSeiDon View Post
In real life, we'll never see a black woman, especially an African one with blue eyes and pure white hair. It wouldn't even look right and look very freakish.

When they added the greyish streaks in X3, it made Storm/Halle look much more natural.

The short cut works for DOFP. And, blacks not familiar with X-Men would HOWL as to "why does the black woman have to try to be white and wear blue contacts?" I got that very same reaction from my mom when I told her about Storm in 2000.

Signed, a concerned black American.
I think having the white hair against the dark skin would be striking and the blue eyes I do understand what you mean by that. It may not look natural because its not natural its fantasy so they can do things like that with no problem. I actually liked the all white long hair my only concern was that it looked like a cheap wig and those bangs Ughh!!! If they had a better stylist then it would have been by far my fav. Halle to me looks better with short hair so seeing her now I thought it was cool but it does look more Halle than Storm.

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