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Default Re: "By The Goddess!": The Official Storm Discussion - Part 3

On a serious note. Here is the problem with Storm. Just about ANY Black actress that portrays her is never going to have it down to the T. whether it be in acting ability, attitude, or physical stats. Storm is simply one of those characters that when created,seems otherworldly and hard to capture in reality,unless the director takes a more subtle approach..but even then it isn't guaranteed success.

Even the most beloved fan favorite that could have been Storm first(ala Angela Basset)
cannot nail down everything about Ororo. Angela is darker than Halle skintone wise,but she isn't extremely Bantu Nubian Goddess dark like most would like Ororo to be portrayed, she isn't a tall regal looking woman either.

Iman Supermodel extraordinaire ,even though she had the look,she's still isn't a skilled actor

A lot of people want Zoe for a younger Storm, but Zoe Saldana is even more meek in presence than Halle. Zoe is in the same damn exact spot Halle was a couple of years ago,she IS the "it" Black girl of Hollywood at the moment. It really pisses me off that we don't have more Black actresses that are equally as big,instead of having token ones each era.

Halle isn't in her exact prime anymore,but she is still a talented and skilled actor. She's made a couple of missteps(Catwoman ,Movie 43) as every actor has,but IMO it's because again Hollywood doesn't give ethnic people diversity of roles to pick form like they give for white actors/actresses. Sadly, the truth is if you are an Actor of color,you are either type cast or that "token" Insert race________ character.

Just look at all the movies from the past year or 2 with Black actors in them,and look what era they are based on

12 years A Slave
The Butler

I'm sick of the Halle she is more than capable of pulling off a dramatic but yet regal and refined Storm,but yet the writing had called for her demure portrayal. Halle should have better offerings and she should definitely be on the silver screen a lot more than she has lately. Hopefully her new TV series is good.

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