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Default Re: X-Men: Apocalypse coming in 2016!

Wolverine may still be a part of Apocalypse.

James Mcavoy,Michael fassbender,Jennifer Lawrence,and Nicholas Hoult will be back for APocalypse.Evan Peters could return as Quicksilver.Possibly the actor who plays Younger toad could return.

Possibly Ryan Reynolds could appear as Deadpool to set up his appearance In X-force or deadpool solo.Channing Tantum could be playing Gambit to set up the solo film Lauren Shueller Donnor wants to do with him.Bryan Singer wants to use both Gambit and Deadpool In X-Men main films.

Teenage versions of Cyclops,Jean,and Storm are very likely.

The big takeaway Is some elemets of Age of Apocalypse will be used.

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