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Default Re: Girl gone ROGUE Thread (ANNA PAQUIN's BACK..FALSE ALARM SHE'S BEEN CUT) - Part

So before the magazine, there were two possible answers: 'she is in' or 'she is out'

Now it's narrowed down to one:

'she is not necessarily in or out'

He's basically saying you'll have to watch the movie. Honestly, if he cut the only "sequence" she's appearing in (as opposed to just some of these scenes in that sequence) that tells me that any part of the movie where she's in it in some direct way is removed, and she's more likely to be in it in some secondary way, like an image of her on some computer screen, or a file on her, or something like that.

It really sounds like he thought it was a fantastic sequence though, and that it just took attention away from the main story because it was more about featuring what Rogue can do rather than about how it could add to the main plot.

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